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The Queen of Carleon

"Watching him step through the smoke, clad in his father’s armour, the father whom he murdered to acquire the throne, was like a knife to her heart. Handsome and strong, he was Dare’s son, but when she looked at his face, she also saw her daughter’s eyes.


When Arianne is told by her mother that her unborn son will cover the lands of Avalyne in darkness, she sets off on a quest to ensure this terrible future never comes to pass. Accompanied by the warrior Celene of Angarad and Keira of the Green, Arianne is in a race against time, as an ancient evil prepares to supplant her son's soul with a monster. 

This is a tale of adventure, romance and frendship, with an epic battle between good and evil for the soul of an innocent.

The Easterling

In her dreams, Melia hears her mother screaming. 

When Watch Guard Melia sets out to find her mother, Ninuie, elf Prince Aeron of Eden Halas joins her as her guide across his homeland to find Tor Iolan, the abandoned fortress where Disciples of the Shadow Lord tortured and maimed innocents for the sake of their master. Within its cruel walls, Melia hopes to find truth about her past while pondering a future with a prince, who has yet to learn that falling for a mortal may cost him more than a broken heart. 

This is a tale of darkness, romance and loss where Melia and Aeron are faced with the reality that sometimes love may not be enough and sacrifice may be the only course left to them.

Hunter's Haven

John Hunter is a wanted man.  


After years on the police force, ex-special forces soldier John Hunter remains haunted by violent memories from his past. When his sister — the one thing grounding him to reality — is murdered by an infamous drug lord, John takes the law into his own hands.


On the run for his life and craving sanctuary, John makes his way north and finds refuge in a place called Haven... and in Lakota Grae. Having to contest with a rogue and corrupt religious group bent on implementing their twisted ideas for the new World Order, John realizes he has one war left to fight — and one last chance for redemption. 

Children of the White Star

Returning home after his military service, Garryn's preparations to claim th throne of his homeworld is complicated by terrible dreams of a mysterious world he has never visited.

Only when Garryn consults a mentalist to determine the cause of his nocturnal terrors, does he discover he is one of many in Brysdyn suffering the same nightmares about an unfamiliar alien planet. 

Embarking on a search to discover the truth, Garryn stumbles upon a secret capable of shaking the empire to its foundations and destroying the peace of a whole generation. 

savage-world (002).jpg

Savage World - Babel

The Earth is no more. Escaping the premature nova of Sol, humanity's last survivors flee their doomed home using an experimental drive that takes them to the far side of the galaxy.

With 10,000 survivors, dwindling resources, and rapidly diminishing hope, the fleet is on the verge of breaking point. Gaia, their new home, offers one last chance of survival for the human race.

But when Major Tom Merrick and Captain Juliana Curran lead the expedition to explore this new frontier, they learn that Gaia is a world fraught with peril and deadly secrets.

The Patient

Four hundred years ago, the elven realm lost their greatest magician to the modern world. Now, they are returning to avenge the forces that took him…

When the world was known as Avalyne, humans and magical beings lived in harmony upon it. But over time, the elves retreated behind the Veil that separates the modern world from the magical realm.

In the present day, New York psychiatrist Doctor Dan Ellis finds himself treating an elderly homeless man, brought in for vandalizing the imposing Malcolm Industries building. The old man insists on calling Dan ‘War Dragon’ but can recall nothing of his own past or identity.

But Dan is not the only one interested in the old man’s treatment. Malcolm Industries are keen for Doctor Ellis to hand the petty criminal over to them, for reasons unexplained…

Meanwhile, three elven brothers slip from behind the Veil to search the world for the evil that befell their greatest protector. But all is not as it appears, and it seems their allies are every bit as concealed as their foes.

As Dan struggles to reinstate his patient’s memory, he discovers a dangerous secret that threatens not only his life, but the lives of those around him.

Can magic triumph over an invisible evil that has ruled the planet for centuries?

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