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Welcome to Mimosa.

For Marshal Kris Jensen, it's a place for salvation and a new beginning.

After the murder of his wife and children, all that Kris Jensen wanted was to die and join them. Saved by a sacrificed friendship, he travels from one Territory town to another with a tin star on his black duster, restless, intervening when needed, and then quickly moving on...until the town of Mimosa asks him to stay as their Marshal. And he says yes, though he doesn’t know why.

Maybe it’s the friends like wanted fugitive Flynn Brenner, old friend Jack Fenwick and professional grifter Adrian Sharpe who stood by his side during Mimosa's darkest hour, helping him save Mimosa from ruin. Or may its the pretty widow with the eyes like a dove.

Kris finds a community trying to survive the harsh realities of life in the Old West, fending off greedy land barons, savage death cults, and outlaws who see them as easy prey. It is an unlikely place to find salvation, but that is precisely what Kris and his friends discover in Mimosa.

Their last chance for a home and a future.

The path to redemption begins here...

The desert winds brought the marshal to town.


"He rode out of the wilderness, his duster flapping like black wings, his hat concealing his face except for the scraggly growth across his chin. A pearl-handled Colt rested in the holster at his hip, and he seemed more shadow than man in his black clothes. Like all great things signaling a shift in the world, he arrived unnoticed by anyone, barely visible through the dust storm.

Kris Jensen only wanted a drink and a night with an accomodating saloon girl, but fate has much more in store for him when a renegade army set its sights on the town of Mimosa. Their purpose? To drive out the settlers and townsfolk from land coveted by a secret enemy.

With the help of wanted fugitive Flynn Brenner, old friend Jack Fenwick and a suicidal conman, Adrian Sharpe, Kris must rally the people of Mimosa to fight for their very existence before it's too late.

Can Kris and his friends save Mimosa from the forces rallying against it?


Find out in the first installment of this thrilling new series,
The Mimosa Tales!
An innocent woman fearing for her life. . . 


A marshal trying to prevent her murder...

No one is safe when cattle baron William Cahill, enraged at the execution of Cahill’s nephew Carlton by Judge Evan Davis. Judge Davis is going to suffer, and so is his widowed daughter-in-law, Holly.

Already foiled by Kris Jensen once before, this time Cahill finds sets into motion a wicked plan for vengeance. Cahill wants his pound of flesh, and he wants anyone who stands in his way dead.

Can Kris and his men save Holly from her fate?
Owl Canyon_Book copy.png
A lone survivor with a monstrous story to tell.

An enemy too monstrous to imagine...

Kris Jensen is sure he has seen it all as a lawman and now as the Marshal of Mimosa. Outlaws, shootouts, stagecoach robberies, and a renegade army, none of it surprises him anymore. Until word reaches him about a convoy of missing homesteaders lost in the Organ Mountains.

Kris and his men are led to Owl Canyon, a place even the fearless Apache avoid. They find six-year-old Heather with a story capable of sending chills through them all. Something is lurking within the catacombs deep beneath the canyon and it's hungry.

Joining them to remind him of his grifter past is Adrian's old friend Calvin Chance who may have an answer to the mystery.

The newest chapter of The Mimosa Tales takes Kris and his friends on their scariest adventure so far. Will they survive, or will they be devoured by the evil secret hidden within Owl Canyon?
Vendetta_Book copy.png
Decades ago, Marshal Kris Jensen brought a man to justice.

Now his past is threatening everyone he holds dear...

Determined to put the tragedies of his life behind him, Kris Jensen tentatively courts community leader Holly Davis in the hopes of settling down. For Kris, Holly is the promise of a settled, peaceful life – something he now very much wants.

But when a hail of bullets unleashed in the night begins a campaign of terror that threatens Kris's hopes for the future and the lives of everyone around him. As his friends reel from a reputation-damning scandal to a near-fatal shooting and vicious assault, Kris desperately tries to find his secret enemy before everything he loves is taken away.

Can Kris protect his loved ones and rest the tortured ghosts of his past?

Plantation_Book copy.png
A fugitive on the run.
A lie too monstrous to be believed.

On a mission of mercy out of town, Mimosa doctor Alexandra Styles stumbles across an exhausted, Colored child on the brink of death.

Once revived, the young boy Philly relates a tale of horrific captivity at the plantation of Eden. This enslavement still continues for Philly’s mother and other Coloreds living in appalling conditions and forced into backbreaking labor.

Outraged by Philly’s story, Mimosa’s Sam Rainey, a friend of the lawmen and occasional deputy, intends to put an end to the misery at Eden. But taking away the plantation’s free labor is no easy feat – even with the help of Marshal Kris Jensen and his men.

Can the Mimosa lawmen free a wronged people from years of unjust captivity and make sure their friend lives to tell the tale?

Suitor_Book copy.png
New Love. Jealousy.
The terrifying depths of obsession...

An old friend from abroad arrives in town seeking out Mimosa’s doctor Alexandra Styles with a surprising proposal of marriage.

With her heart already given to lawman Flynn Brenner, Alex does her best to refuse Randall Mason without giving offense. However, the possibility she would choose a penniless drifter over the life of luxury he offers her is an insult Mason will not abide. As Mimosa celebrates its town anniversary, Mason works secretly behind the scenes to throw the festivities into chaos as he prepares to take Alex from Mimosa against her will.

Concealing his dark purpose by orchestrating attacks on Alex’s close friends, he saves the worst for Flynn who has committed the gravest sin of all, winning Alex’s love.

Can the lawmen of Mimosa prevent the hanging of one of their own and save Alex from a fate worse than death?
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