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Audiobooks everywhere!

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Audiobooks it seems are here to stay and while I love my hard copy editions, I cannot deny the pleasure of listening to audiobooks. Whether it is on the train, while I'm driving in traffic or even when I'm working on some mundane task, I've managed to catch up on my reading in a way not possible if I had to read a physical book. That's not to devalue the worth of a book, I still cherish my library but in a world where time is a precious commodity, audiobooks are keeping me in touch with great fiction.

Therefore I'm proud to announce my latest audiobook release as well as share with you the rest of my audiobook catalogue. First up, my newest book, The Patient available on Amazon.

Four hundred years ago, the elven realm lost their greatest magician to the modern world. Now, they are returning to avenge the forces that took him.

When the world was known as Avalyne, humans and magical beings lived in harmony. But over time, the elves retreated behind the Veil that separates the modern world from the magical realm.

In present-day New York, psychiatrist Doctor Dan Ellis finds himself treating an elderly homeless man, brought in for vandalizing the imposing Malcolm Industries building. The old man insists on calling Dan "War Dragon", but can recall nothing of his own past or identity.

Dan is not the only one interested in the old man’s treatment. Malcolm Industries are keen for Doctor Ellis to hand the petty criminal over to them, for reasons unexplained.

Meanwhile, three elven brothers slip from behind the Veil to search the world for the evil that befell their greatest protector. But all is not as it appears, and it seems their allies are every bit as concealed as their foes.

As Dan struggles to reinstate his patient’s memory, he discovers a secret that threatens not only his life, but the lives of those around him.

Can magic triumph over an invisible evil that has ruled the planet for centuries?


After a notorious drug lord murders his sister, John takes the law into his own hands. A wanted man, on the run for his life and craving sanctuary, John makes his way north and finds refuge in a place called Haven - and with the beautiful Lakota Grae.

Drawn into a fight against overwhelming odds, John has one more war left to fight - and one last chance for redemption.

If guns, action and romance are your things, then this pulpy, action-fest with a somewhat graphic sex scene that I do not apologise for, should keep you entertained for a few hours.

Available through Amazon.

After Garryn returns to claim the throne of his homeworld, he finds himself plagued by dreams of a mysterious star system with a yellow sun.

Consulting a mentalist for help, Garryn learns he is not alone and many others share the same terrifying nightmares. With a new friend, he sets out on a quest to understand his visions.

But the truth behind the dreams reveals a secret that will change their lives and shake the very foundations of the Empire.

The Earth is no more. Escaping the premature nova of Sol, humanity's last survivors flee their doomed home using an experimental drive that takes them to the far side of the galaxy.

With ten thousand survivors, dwindling resources and rapidly diminishing hope, the fleet is on the verge of breaking point. Gaia, their new home, offers one last chance of survival for the human race.

But when Major Tom Merrick and Captain Juliana Curran lead the expedition to explore this new frontier, they learn that Gaia is a world fraught with peril and deadly secrets.


Last but not least, yet to be released on Amazon but available everywhere else, the first audiobook in my western series 'Mimosa Tales'.

1870’s New Mexico Territory is a dangerous place and when the local judge becomes a target of revenge, it's up to Marshal Kris Jensen to prevent the death of an innocent woman.

Having left his gunslinger past behind him to uphold the law, Kris Jensen is now the leader of an eclectic group of lawmen who patrol the town of Mimosa in 1870’s New Mexico Territory.

Together with a lady’s man, a former bounty hunter, a gambler, a seasoned scholar, and an eager-to-learn young greenhorn, Kris spends his days defending Mimosa from corrupt ranchers, outlaws and enemies who threaten the peaceful community.

After Carlton Cahill, nephew to wealthy cattle baron William Cahill is hung for murder, the enraged rancher isn't going to forgive Judge Evan Davis for the death of his kin. Judge Davis is going to suffer, and so is his widowed daughter-in-law, Holly. Before Davis is killed, Cahill intends to deliver his vengeance and not even the lawmen determined to protect the pretty widow will stand in his way. Cahill does what he wants. And he wants them all dead.

Will Kris and his friends protect Holly, or will Cahill's vengeance doom them all?

The Hanging is also available at the following online outlets.

Finally, if you decide to purchase these books and enjoy the experience, please leave a review. It will help me and future readers tremendously!

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