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Download a free copy of Owl Canyon- the third installment of the Mimosa Tales series!

A lone survivor with a monstrous story to tell.

An enemy too monstrous to imagine.

Kris Jensen has seen it all as a lawman Outlaws, shootouts, stagecoach robberies, and a renegade army, none of it surprises him anymore. Until word reaches him about a convoy of missing homesteaders lost in the Organ Mountains.

Kris and his men are led to Owl Canyon, a place even the fearless Apache avoid. They find six-year-old Heather with a story capable of sending chills through them all. Something is lurking within the catacombs deep beneath the canyon and it's hungry.

The newest chapter of The Mimosa Tales takes Kris and his friends on their scariest adventure so far. Will they survive it, or will they be devoured by the evil secret hidden within Owl Canyon.

Click here to get your own free copy!

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