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Scribblings at Year's End

Just an update to let any constant readers know where I'm at with current projects.

As many have noticed, The Mimosa Tales are no longer being published by Dusty Saddles. Our parting was mutual but let us say that I did not feel they were the right fit for me, and the end of our publishing relationship was at my request. I wish Nick and the team at Dusty Saddles all the best.

Since July, I have managed The Mimosa Tales on my own, republishing the series with a new first book, The Siege, and retitling the rest of the series since I have conducted extensive from the first editions. I believe the changes have been for the better as I notice reader traffic picking up.

Health issues have kept me from getting through the sequel to The Patient, tentatively titled The Vessel, as quickly as I would like, but I have finished my second round of edits to the first ten chapters. I hope to complete the rest of the book in the new year.

Vendetta will be available for free promotion between the 17th to 19th of December, so those who haven't read this installment of The Mimosa Tales, do have a read and if you enjoy it, please leave a review. Vendetta is available in e-book format here.

Have a terrific Christmas, everyone, and Better New Year!

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