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The Sandman - Issue 2 - Imperfect Hosts

RECAP: We are introduced to dysfunctional brothers Cain and Abel for the first time, although some readers may have encountered them from DC's horror line in The House of Mystery and The House of Secrets. Their bloody relationship is established on the first page, although the tragedy of it isn't seen until much later. Gregory makes an appearance and, unlike his Netflix counterpart, survives this issue to become a Dreaming staple.

The issue covers Morpheus's return to the Dreaming, his shock at learning its dilapidated condition due to his absence, and the summoning of The-Three-In-One to learn the whereabouts of his tools. Lucien also provides the readers and Morpheus with an accounting of what took place in the Dreaming during his incarceration by Roderick Burgess in Issue 1.

The encounter with the Three is more or less the same as in the tv show (albeit with a little more color). The pouch is revealed to be in the hands of John Constantine. Burgess's traitorous henchman Sykes trades the helm for an amulet of protection (which Ethel Cripps would steal from her lover Burgess's henchman Sykes) from a demon who takes it into hell. Finally, the biggest deviation in the show from the comics is the fate of the Dream Stone. Ethel Cripps, later to become Mrs. Dee, passes it on to her son John, who uses it as the supervillain Doctor Destiny against the Justice League of America. Presumably, they still have it in evidence somewhere.

Ethel visits her son John at Arkham Asylum and discovers that without the Dream Stone in his possession, John has become deranged and looks quite ghastly.

The comic ends with Abel's resurrection after being murdered for the sin of wanting to name the newborn Goldie - Irving. I admit I might be on Cain's side on this one, but I would have objected less violently. I hate that Goldie's first real memory upon being hatched is watching Abel's murder. Even more poignant is Abel's heartbreaking and tearful tale of two brothers who lived in the same house, loved each other, and would never harm each other.

So there you have it. Next, we meet a DC favorite. PREVIOUS ISSUE - Issue 1 - The Sleep of the Just

NEXT ISSUE - Issue 3 - Dream a Little Dream of Me

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